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Boolean OR for list

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    Boolean OR for list

    Hello all,

    Logic / Action / or you can insert any number of booleans and it will pass true if any of them are true. Is there a way to do this with a list of booleans rather than just one. You can use || for two list but what if I want more. Always more!

    Thank for you help,
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    How about something like this? Create your list and transpose so that the sublists are the "answers" for each item, then ask if any members of the sublist contain TRUE:
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    Chris Ellersick


      Thats a great solution. Thank you Cellersick. It would be nice if OR would work on list but what you said will work for now.


        You can use || instead, also in a code block
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          As mentioned by Yna_Db this is the Code Block version!

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          Sol Amour

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            Thanks guys those are all great ideas.


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