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Uneven Roof Pitch Error

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    Uneven Roof Pitch Error

    Hi everyone! I'm new to Revit (and the Revit Forum community), and I'm hoping to get some feedback on an issue I'm having.

    I need to model a gable roof that remains level across the top, but the lifts up in the back along the bottom. The roof is also wider in the front than it is in the back, so I don't think I can just clip it.

    I measured the pitch angle to be 67 degrees, but when I set the slope to 67 on either side, it drops the back end of the top of the roof because the bottom edges are effectively "glued" to the roof footprint.

    What I need to do is lift the smaller back edge up so that the top edge of the roof is level, and the back is lifted. As opposed to how it is now, with the bottom level and the top edge lowered.

    Side note: there are also dormers cut into the sides of the roof, and the sides of the roof aren't actually straight throughout, they're angled differently before and after the dormers, but for the sake of what I'm trying to accomplish right now, I'm going to ignore that and make each edge straight.

    Pictures are:
    - Plans of the cabin from Arch Daily
    - Elevations of the cabin
    - My current modeled roof in elevation
    - My current modeled roof in 3D
    - Current roof footprint

    Thank you in advance for your time!

    - Niki
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    Without trying to model this myself, what I would probably at least try first off, would be to just model the full height of the roof (assuming no cutaway as it recedes up the hill).

    Then add in a void to cut the roof from the full element (this way you can have different void cutaways at each elevation, as they appear to be different slightly in the South and north élévations.

    Other than this, you could try making your roof in the conceptual volume modeler which allows you plenty of control of the element and you can use your existing views to help you make it quicker


      Make the roof by Extrusion first, then cut away the front gable end and side eaves with the Roof By Extrusion opening tool.


        Side Elevation view and the vertical opening sketch.
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