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    Family Rendering

    Hello. I'm new at revit and need some help here.

    I created a desk as a family. When I load it to a project to render it, everything looks good but I can't see the drawers division line. i't looks like a solid piece of wood with no division.
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    Welcome to the forum Carlos! :thumbsup:

    This is a common issue with elements on the same plane (it looks even worse when it's two different materials) - and the only way around it would be to express (i..e model) the actual edge/gap in the family.


      Model it with the division line is a possibility. There's probably not a huge performance or file size issue with doing that.
      Another way, but much harder is to create a custom wood swatch with the division lines in it, then adjust the settings in the material browser so the line shows up the right length, width. The benefit is limited if any model performance or increase in file size.
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