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Search sets for pipe sizes Navisworks

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    Search sets for pipe sizes Navisworks

    It has been a while since I have used Navisworks, but I thought i could create a search set that i could filter by size. For example I want to run a clash report with my Plumbing piping, but I want to ignore any piping under 2" in diameter. I tried to set up a search set by size, overall size, diameter, inside diameter, nothing is working and i am not sure where i am going wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have attached one screen shot of an attempt that did not work. :banghead:
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    It's hard to see whats wrong with it, because I cant see the negations you have on there (the splat/star or whatever it is). Because it looks like it should work just fine, assuming you have any pipes larger than your value.


      Your value condition "0ft 0.250" looks off.

      Works for me here using a (metric) value only:

      Click image for larger version

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        One thing to consider is multiple Diameter parameters. Duct, Conduit, etc can have the same name. The Diameter parameter may be specific to the category itself, thus negating the need for your first search string of "Pipes" altogether.

        Just a thought.... I have not tested this theory.

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