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Can't trim excessive parts of Monolithic Stair

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    Can't trim excessive parts of Monolithic Stair

    Hello everyone,

    As you can see we have different landing thicknesses at every floor. Thats why we have some unwanted parts at our stair run's first step (shown in red rectangles). I tried to use void extrusion to get rid of them but it doesnt work. Any suggestion?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Depends how you have modeled this stair (as continuous runs for multiple levels, or single runs)
    The stair tool is good for making stairs quickly, but for structural stairs it really falls quite short.

    What I often do is use the stair tool to place my runs quickly so that I get riser and going distances set up and then I use an insitu component and model a new extrusion using the stair tool model as my profile. This allows me to model the correct connections to slabs and landings which the stair tool doesnt seem to handle very well. Oh and of course the thickening at the bottom of the stairs is never correct either and I need to model Something there.

    Try making a sweep (in situ component) classify it as a "stair" for scheduling purposes, and make sure you apply the correct material to your extrusion before finishing the process.

    The draw back is that a sweep or in situ extrusion wont flex if your levels change like the stair tool will but you can always quickly place again and edit your insitu profiles if need be.

    Also, just as a side note, I can see in some of your modeling methods (how you've done your beams to slabs, and set downs for example) that you will get additional "false" volumes, if you are using revit to also extract concrete volumes, then they will be incorrect with the way you have modeled your beams, and set downs.
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      Thank you so much Karalon for your reply. But I solved the problem with using "extend below tread base". Extrusion solution is not always works best depends on which type of stairs you ll use. If you going to make precast stair the connection of the stair run and landing detail (notch) is hard to do when using extrusion tool, rather than just using stair tool.


        The notch is actually really easy you just need to include a void in your extrusion to cut the notch from the main slab.


          I have problems with the monolithic stair, especially trying to join it into slabs. Probably bad practise but I model my concrete stairs in place.


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