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SDS/2, 3D PDF and Importing

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    SDS/2, 3D PDF and Importing

    Hey All,

    Here's a fun Friday challenge: I have a steel model from a sub contractor working in SDS/2. He has sent me a couple of different files. A 3D PDF which has all the detailed geometry that I want. A 3D DWG which has neither the geometry nor the information, and an IFC file which has the information and not the geometry. (Still with me?)

    So, i've been working on a way to get that 3D PDF file which has the most detail into Revit. I can get it imported into SketchUp, but SketchUp crashes exporting a DWG and a DXF. It will export a 3DS file but that appears to have lost some major pieces when opened in 3D Studio. It will also export to an IFC file, but that file shows nothing when imported into Revit. When trying to open the 3D PDF in Autocad it says the file is locked and required a password (it is not protected). I've also tried importing the Sketchup file into AutoCAD with no success.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on other methods I could try?

    Here is a link to the files if you are interested in checking them out:

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    Use Automapki to import .skp in AutoCAD. Better results and has a whole bunch of other fileformats to have fun with. More and better result than Autodesk importor. Trail for autocad is valid for 30 days i think
    We offer CAD, GIS and AutoCAD customization high quality services in the heart of Europe and computer software to import, export and convert 3D models.

    Besides, as this reads there are mucho posibilities to get some data across

    Good luck
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      How are you validating that the 3d DWG and ifc aren't complete? That sounds suspect.

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