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Stair by run length

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    Stair by run length

    RevitLT 2016

    Is there a way to model a stair by specifying run length (by dimension or graphic input) and two established floor levels?

    For example: we have a fixed bottom landing edge and a fixed top landing edge (existing) and want to run a stair between the two with whatever tread length we need to span the fixed run length with the max riser specified.
    I get that it can all be done with math and calcs, just wondering if there is a setting in stair creation that would allow us to 'stretch' a stair to fit interactively and which outputs the right tread length for the fit.

    Thanks in advance.


    At the end of a stair run is a blue dot and a blue arrow. In the past, I always grabbed the wrong one of the two (the arrow) while trying to adjust the number of risers in a stair run, and I swear the other end of the run would stay put and the treads would become wider than defined by the stair family.

    Trying that same thing right now and dragging the arrow moves the whole stair, run which is no more helpful than just moving the stair run, so maybe 1) I've selected a bad type of stair to try this on, or 2) they've changed the reason for the arrow instead of just removing it from the program. I have a feeling my program is doing something goofy right now and won't allow the use of the arrow, but you might try it over there.
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