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Architecture Model has two copies

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    Architecture Model has two copies

    I am working on my first project where I have the Revit models and didn't have to recreate from autocad. I have a few questions on how I should proceed.

    The biggest thing is I have the architecture model showing twice. I just noticed in a bathroom group that all the fixtures are stacked. The Architecture model is only linked in once to my Mechanical Project. I also have the Electrical and Structural Models linked into my Mechanical. Could the Architecture Model be linked into one of the other models and that is creating the double in my Mechanical? Should I worry about the duplication at all?

    My other question is regarding views, I thought I had found forum about this at one point but can't now. Should I try and use the views that the other engineers have made or just make my own? right now i have made my own because I don't really understand most of the ones made by the other engineer. I didn't delete any of the original views in case I come across a reason for them.

    To update this I noticed that when I reloaded the Architecture Model that I got this error.

    Warning (may be ignored)
    -Instance of link needs Coordination Review
    --Warning 1
    ---RVT Links : Linked Revit Model : (file name) : 5 : location <Not Shares> * Name 5 : id 1540263

    I can select and Hide an Architecture model that is Named 10 and then I can select the one Named 5. Can I just delete on of them? I would assume to delete the one Named 5 as that is the one that gives me the error.


      Have a look on the links tab of visibility graphics, expand the arch model tree to see how many instances are in your model.
      Otherwise it may be that other links have the arch model set to attached which means they display in the host model as well.
      There are no stupid questions, only stupid people


        Thank you. Did think to look in the other links to see if it was pulling it in again. That wasn't it. I'm did find that one was elevated 8" so I deleted that one.


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