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How can I get Fill numbers for a demolished building?

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    How can I get Fill numbers for a demolished building?

    Working on a building demolition project for a client. I have the existing building modeled in Revit. The building contains widely varying footing depths (most of which I have modeled), as well as a 4-foot floor height difference between the two ends of the building. The site also has a 4-5 foot elevation change from one side of the building to the other.

    They want to demolish the building and leave a smooth site that follows the surrounding contours. If the site were relatively flat I could calculate an average footing depth and come up with a fill volume, but since the site slopes that won't be so easy.

    I figured a pad would be appropriate to represent the depth they dig out when removing the building footings. So I did some testing in a blank file, and it seems Pads act weird when placed into an existing toposurface. When a Graded Region is created, which demolishes the existing surface, apparently the Pad is BROUGHT FORWARD into the New Construction phase, leaving no pad at all in the existing phase. I guess this is sort of a reverse situation: I want to demolish a building which leaves a hole in the ground, and then fill it in to match surrounding and have that Fill number, as opposed to digging out a hole in the ground for a new building with a Cut number.

    I suppose maybe I could create a toposurface based on the existing contours that just runs through the building, then place a pad at the Bottom of Footing elevations around the building, which would give me a Cut number, which I would then list on the drawings as the Fill volume number.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    Ditch topo all together. Variable thickness shape edited floors (multiple floors). Shape edit to match adjacent terrain. Get volume.

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      Sounds like you should be doing this in Civil3D


        Originally posted by Karalon10 View Post
        Sounds like you should be doing this in Civil3D
        I'm sure that would be better, but we don't have any seats for that.