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    Sry about other night I was trashed. Thats what happens when you deal with architects , lol. Best architects are ones that also have structural engineering degrees or passionate about learning it. 16' O.C. with 20 ga. steel is retarded. Just saved a company 1.2 Million. Structure designers look out for those y and z offsets. You can make your life a lot easier.

    I meant ". I hope you guys figured that out

    Sry those y and z offsets are when dealing in Revit. All my structures were not constructive until this guys taught me how to make it like that. I thought I was losing my mind. Lol, I use to do all this in Solidworks. Took longer but was always exactly where I wanted everything.

    God bless, those that use Autocad for 3D. Some are good at it but it is so bad

    Poor Texas. Thats why we dig 50-100' caissons sometimes. UPENN project was digging 120' (10' diam) caissons. Super close to Schuylkill River. Shut down expressway to get all the concrete trucks in sync. Mudfest. Drilling down water shooting up everywhere till bedrock levels.
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    Your posts are odd. I think you are still trashed.


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