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Export to gbXML from Revit

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    Export to gbXML from Revit


    I'm researching about energy efficiency in Revit. I have never done anything on this subject.
    I'm a beginner and I'm reading about gbXML files. I have seen on the official gbXML website that there are 346 elements and 167 simple types posibles from gbXML.

    My doubt is simple, preparing the model before, Revit can export all that amount of data to gbXML?


    (gbXML for dummies!)

    Well, I don't use gbXML for energy modeling, but I do use it to automate the data-entry task of setting up my heating and cooling loads. I can get the spaces set up in Revit, do the export, and then bring that gbXML file into Trane Trace or Carrier HAP. It saves me many hours of mindless data entry work.

    I can get the following info to translate:

    Room Name/Number
    Room Area
    Space zoning assignment (for Trace only, not for HAP)
    Number of occupants
    Lighting heat gain
    Equipment heat gain

    I cannot get gbXML to handle the exterior walls or roofs reliably, nor have I seen anyone else do this in a time-efficient manner. From the perspective of working on a budget-driven project in the real world, it simply doesn't work. It would be nice if it did work, but the aforementioned features that do work still save me a ton of time so I don't really mind.


      Thanks! I was learning about HAP this days.

      Really helpful, tanks


        is there any good gbXML viewer/editor, i mean free and 3D, seems DDS-CAD Viewer cannot read gbXML file exported from Revit


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