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    Tag in family

    I created an electrical family and would like to put a piece of text that is an instance in the family so that I can change the name and have it automatically come on. It would also be nice to be able to move it. Is this possible? I will place thousands of fixtures per level and am getting sick of doing a tag all and having to go back through and move every one.

    You can nest generic annotation families (with labels) tied to parameters in a host - that will show "like" a tag - but there are gotchas to be aware of:

    You will still need to opt on a default placement for said (nested family) label. Just as a tag does (at the origin intersection) and although "SW-of-centre" (or similar) might work 90% of the time - you will find you (or others) will want the label "NW-of-centre" (or elsewhere) on occasions, then... well you add another and introduce viz. settings switched in some way to control per instance...

    Now consider the above, only also at different scales when/where you might want the label (now larger/smaller having scaled) further/closer to the element...

    Consider also you will not be able to independently control the on/off visibility of the generic annotation apart from the (host family) fixture - as you can with tags - so will be forced into use detail level and/or sub-categories per-VG/VT...

    Factor the above in relation to sharing your work with others - it's quite likely they won't want to see your labels, let alone make the necessary changes to their own VG/VT workflows to accommodate yours...

    Rotation/text orientation of the nested gen. ano. family - though not impossible to get near-perfect - can be tricksy - and consider also at higher/lower scales you may opt to show more in the label (as you might with tags) necessitating further degrees of complexity to the nesting and visibility settings...

    In other words, for things other than element-specific (electrical in this instance) symbols, I would advise against nested annotative elements and steer you back toward TANT.
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      Awesome. I will try that out. Thank you for the reply


        The other big downside to nesting in generic annotations is they are not masked by other geometry above them in the view. For example if you have a roof plan and want to see the ground or a level below, all the generic annotations below the roof or lower floor slabs will show through, even if the element itself is masked out... very annoying to say the least.


          Super annoying. I will stay away from them. It is just very time consuming having to tag all of my electrical fixtures and move all of the tags to the desired location. Especially when there is thousands per job. Thank you for the reply


            You could look at modifying your tag family if there is a standard offset and see if it improves the issue (if it tags center to center, move the tag away from the center)
            Julie Kidder
            Architect + BIM Director
            Hartman + Majewski Design Group


              I just modified my tag. Starting to work great. Thanks jmk


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