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    Electrical Family


    I wanted some advice on building box families. I want to make a 4x4 box family with the ability to turn conduit connectors on and off and change the sizes when needed. I would also like to be able to turn on a pigtail when needed and have the tag of the box come on automatically when the box is placed. But would like to move it when I need to. Are all of these possible?
    If so, would you create all of these instances in different families making them instance, then nest them all in together?

    I am new to family building so I don't know what all to do exactly. Thank you for the replies.

    Try to combine similar objects into single families whenever you can. This makes updates way easier and helps ensure consistency.

    Use yes/no parameters to control the visibility of your connector geometry. The connector itself can't be turned off, but it won't be visible in the model. The size of the connectors can be controlled with Length parameters.

    The pigtail should be a nested Generic Annotation family. This way it will scale automatically to the view you're using it in.

    The only thing you can't do is have the box tag come on automatically. This happens when you apply a tag to the object in the model. The parameter you're tagging ("Mark") doesn't get created until it exists as an instance in the model.

    When building your family, remember to use reference planes to define the extrusion geometry. Place the planes and put the dimensions on those. Then lock the extrusion geometry to the planes. Try to avoid placing dimensions directly on geometry. I'll be honest that I'm not sure what happens when you DON'T do this, but I've heard from multiple sources that this is the thing to do, so it's what I've always done.


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