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    VG issue


    I cannot find how to turn off slab footings in VG. I tried floors and that did not work. I looked allover the structural drop downs with no luck. I tried attaching file but it is too big. If anyone knows what to uncheck offhand that would be helpful.


    P.S. If anyone doesnt know this keep an eye out when dealing with grid lines. In my world I can choose a lot of things that intersect the lines and insert elements all at once. Cant believe I forgot about that or did not know it at all.


    Can you clarify "slab footings?"

    If you're talking about Slab Edges (such as turned down slabs), in VG, model categories, go to Floors and click on the [+] next to floors. You get some other subcategories including Slab Edges. There, you can uncheck the box for Slab Edges.

    If you're looking for regular footings, they're further down the list under Structural Foundations.
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      Hope this helps. 6" foundation slab.

      Thanks for help
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        I am getting closer. In order to turn those slabs off you have to turn off foundation check box in VG, but then it turns of my column footings. Errr!!!


          You also have the option to Element Hide in the view (EH), to hide just an element if you are finding other associated elements you need are turning off with it. So maybe a 'select all instances' in view and EH might work for you in this scenario.
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            Another way is with a filter.
            in VG along the top, go all the way across to the "filter" tab and make a new filter
            Call it "Foundation Slab"
            Tick the "structural foundations" category and "ok"
            Now in the filters, filter by family type = "insert name of family type of your foundation slab here"
            Click "ok"

            Now "add filter" and add "Foundation Slab" to your list of filters and it should appear in the VG over ride options.
            Now tick the little box under "visible" to be off.

            This will hide ONLY the foundation slabs visible in the view with the family type you specified, leaving your other foundations visible.
            The best thing about a filter is you can simply add it to other views once it is set up.


              Thats what I like about Revit there is a lot of hidden jewels. Thanks again. That is the solution.


                What did you end up doing, bjenk?
                Motorbike riding is one long bezier curve


                  planning on messing around with Karalon's filter technique. Right now it is not very important. I just turn off structural foundations so I can work on the steel. You really have to keep an eye out for those missing things though. If there not there u might forget to offset 6" for the slab. This guy is great if you can deal with accent. Not sure why its not a link but copy/paste works. He taught me about the copy then paste aligned to levels. That is awsome


                    Save an hour at least.


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