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Macbook pro Parallels-win10 and Revit 2016 "an unrecoverable error"

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    Macbook pro Parallels-win10 and Revit 2016 "an unrecoverable error"

    I´m trying to get Revit 2016 LT to work on my macbook pro running parallels with windows 10.
    Install went without any problems and Revit worked good for the first 3 months.

    But now without changing any settings it works from time to time.
    I have reinstalled it a few times, still no errors but it won´t work.

    I have tried to change the settings for the screen aswell but no luck there either.
    Anyone with similar problem and could fix it?

    VM Info:
    AMD Radeon R9 M370X:

    Styrkretsmodell: AMD Radeon R9 M370X
    Typ: Grafikprocessor
    Buss: PCIe
    PCIe-bandbredd: x8
    VRAM (totalt): 2048 MB
    Tillverkare: ATI (0x1002)
    Enhets-ID: 0x6821
    Revisions-ID: 0x0083
    ROM-revision: 113-C5670E-777
    Automatiskt grafikbyte: Stöds
    gMux-version: 4.0.20 [3.2.8]
    EFI-drivrutinsversion: 01.00.777
    Metal: Stöds
    ASUS PB278:
    Upplösning: 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz
    Pixeldjup: 32 bitars färg (ARGB8888)
    Skärmens serienummer: GCLMTF019087
    Huvudbildskärm: Ja
    Bildskärmsdubblering: Av
    Uppkopplad: Ja
    Rotation: Stöds
    Justera ljusstyrka automatiskt: Nej
    Modellnamn: MacBook Pro
    Modellidentifierare: MacBookPro11,5
    Processornamn: Intel Core i7
    Processorhastighet: 2,5 GHz
    Antal processorer: 1
    Totalt antal kärnor: 4
    L2-cache (per kärna): 256 K
    L3-cache: 6 MB
    Minne: 16 GB

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