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Electrical template - unable to see the metallic structure

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    Electrical template - unable to see the metallic structure


    I linked my structural project in an electrical template..I copiy/monitor the levels and I created new structural plan views for the new levels!
    But when I go to the floor plan I cannot see the metallic structure of the building that I have. do you know why?

    Thank you in advance!

    If you are using the electrical template, the views are already pre-filtered (generally) by discipline.
    Set the discipline of the view to coordination and it should show up.

    if this doesnt work, it may be that the view has the linked model turned off in the view, or that the linked model has been assigned to a workset, or phase and is being filtered using one of these other criteria, but the view discipline is where I would start.


      I cannot change the discipline in the Copy/monitor level...


        no, im talking about the view properties. The actual properties of the view. Not the objects or anything else but the VIEW which has most likely been set to electrical discipline.
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          yeah , when I am in the view (that I created from Copy/monitor and after I create a new View Plan) the discipline is 'electrical' but I cannot change it because it is grey.


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