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Prepare a structural model for MEP system!

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    Prepare a structural model for MEP system!

    Hello all,

    I need your help! I have a structural model in Revit 2017. I would like to tell me the process that I need to follow in order to create a ventilation system in this project.
    - Can I create the ventilation system directy to the structural model or I need to link it in an mechanical template?
    -Are there specific libraries that I need to download in order to have the most common ventilation equipment available?

    I want to prepare my structural model as better as I can in order to design ventilation system , pipes , cables trays etc.
    I need to know how I can do this!

    Any link it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!!!

    1. I would use the Link method, always.

    2. You can begin with the stock library Revit gives you for general and conceptual equipment layouts, but you will want to either search manufacturer's content online or learn to create your own content for truly accurate equipment content. System Families that are driven by styles or types are not needed as they are built into the Revit platform, such as ducts, pipes, conduits, etc. You simply make sure the sizes are set correctly in the MEP Settings area and you're all set.

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