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Deleting essential level PLEASE HELP MEEE

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    Deleting essential level PLEASE HELP MEEE

    I need to delete a top of foundation level. It is a massive model and most of my columns, foundation, some beams and many views are associated to a TOF level. There are 2 buildings both with a TOF level. I want to re-associate everything to a ground floor level so that I can delete the TOF levels without all my associated objects being deleted. I understand all my views will also need to be deleted and drawn again using a different associated level.

    I have set up a filter with a rule to that it only filters structural columns with a base constraint at the top of foundation level. This works fine however using VG (visibility graphics override) I am only able to hide the contents of this filter and not isolate the contents. If I could isolate the filter then I could highlight all the structural columns with the base constraint at TOF and I could change the constraint to GF and then attach the base to the pad foundations, therefore when I move the foundations to be associated to GF level with an offset the columns will stay attached.

    Existing threads on other forums say to cut all contents of the model (except TOF level), delete the level and paste back into the model.

    Any other help would be very much appreciated as we all know amending items in revit can often take much longer than drawing from scratch. I can provide further info if needed.



    There used to be an add-in called get level a while back that would do just this. I don't know if it's around anymore, but I think there are a few other add-ins that do very similar things.


      Make a filter that's the opposite of what you want and then turn off it's visibility in the VG.

      Columns - NOT Foundation Level: Structural Columns -> Base Level does not equal to Foundation.


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