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"Centered" railings my _______

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    "Centered" railings my _______

    So, i'm messing with railings, something i haven't done in a while, and i'm about to punch revit.. cause i'm forgetting something about how to properly center a design...

    unless of course i'm mistaken, is there not a way to always have it actually start in the center for the design?

    as shown, these are the same railing, in different lenghts, and the post goes from being centered, to the (yet to be placed) panels will become the center. (you can see the big difference when i get to lenghts 16' through 22')

    given it's almost end of day, i'm tired, what am i missing/doing wrong in here?:banghead:

    centered railing 1.png
    centered railing 2.png
    centered railing settings.png

    Not sure what you're asking? Centered pattern will... center the pattern. If there's enough room for a full panel in the center, it will put one there. If there's not, it will center the post with a panel on each side, which is what's happening in your examples.

    But I'm with you that railing are supremely frustrating, still, despite all the improvements they've made in the past few releases.


      Try removing that extra 4' at the pattern when you get wider it is giving you 8' of space thus that is centered..
      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


        removing the last 4' pattern still doesn't "center" the design consitantly..

        "centered" design to me should mean there's something always in the center consistantly... if i remove that 4' end it just shifts it all.

        my design need/intent is to ALWAYS have that double post in the... wait for it... CENTER.
        If/when i remove that 4' end, it just shifts it 4' a bit, but it's still not genuinely "centered" as shown below
        4 foot less centered.png
        by removing that 4' segment at the end of the design, now the ones that are actually centered is the 8', 10', 16',18', 24' lengths..

        ugh... railings... they blow


          Preaching to the choir... I modified my settings and just break the path wherever I want a post.
          Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


            Seems to be working as designed to me. If it can fit full panels end-to-end then it will do so with a panel centered. Otherwise it will center a post with posts near each end. As others have said, just break the path when you want a post. Sometimes I do a railing with panels only, and use multiple segments in a path to force posts where I want them. That way I don't have to deal with both posts and panels in my rail definition.


              i've given up on this approach and gone to the "supports as post" approach using the handrails... SIGNIFICANTLY more flexible. It's a shame they don't allow supports on the top-rail, nor do they allow it to auto connect/adjust to the tread, however they can have instance based parameters and therefor i can get it to connect just fine a bit bastardized, but again, flexibility for the win!!!


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