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Lookup Table to drive data in Tags

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    Lookup Table to drive data in Tags

    I am trying to create a tag that reads a simple number from 1 to 40 and returns another simple number for an FLS tag. I have created a lookup table in Excel, saved it as a CSV file, loaded it into a tag that I have created. The problem is, when I try to set up the formula telling Revit to use the lookup table, it tells me the lookup table is not a valid parameter. I'm attaching a screenshot of it. Is the problem that I am trying to drive information in the tag (can't be done) or the use of the lookup table (bad syntax or formatting)? Anyone familiar with using Lookup Tables, I would love some help.
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    My understanding of Lookups, is that they must live in the (custom) family. It appears you are trying to connect the data to a room element, which as a system family would not be able to store the lookup info. For your example of occupancy, we would typically create that as a Key Schedule, which is a type of lookup. Perhaps that would be acceptable?
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    Glynnis Patterson, Architect


      Thanks Glynnis. We have been using a Key Schedule to drive OLF values, but it's a manual process right now and we're trying to automate it. Might need to go back to the Key Schedule and try that again. Didn't realize that Lookups wouldn't work with a System Family.


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