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COBie Mapping to Optional Fields

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    COBie Mapping to Optional Fields

    Hi all, first post here so please be kind!

    I'm looking to export some COBie data and hoping to add some information to include maintenance jobs and resources. I've got the latest COBie addon and had a look through it (including the mapping part), but can't see how you can maps parameters into the optional COBie columns.

    Take the 'description' field on the resource sheet for example - I would like to add tradesmen's details so that someone maintaining the building has some contact details. I can add a new project parameter and fill in the details, but how can I map this to the desired COBie field?

    If this isn't possible, is it that all these optional fields are supposed to be manually filled in via Excel? If so, surely this information is lost when you update the model and re-export the COBie data?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Jimmy, there are a few youtube tutorials on how to edit existing fields or include new fields (I am assuming you are talking about the Classification Manager plug-in?)

    Having said that, I was not that clear on how to do these edits myself, however I had no need to do that sort of thing I just saw the videos and watched out of interest.

    If you arent talking about Classification Manager, then check out this plug-in as it seems fairly robust, I had a bit of a mess around with it but didn't go into adding new classification tables or parameters.


      Thanks for your reply Karalon. I was however talking about the COBie extension (main addin for exporting COBie data). I've used the Classification Manager before and it's all pretty straight forward, I found it really good for automatically adding Uniclass codes.