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use a model from a complete project for a new project - updating phases

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    use a model from a complete project for a new project - updating phases

    Hi, I am wondering what is the best practice for converting a Revit model from a previous project (has existing conditions, demo & new work) to be a model for a new project in the same building, where all of that new work is now current existing conditions. (We did a renovation project in this building already and now have another project in the same building) I've been playing around with showing only demo - deleting those, then mass selecting everything in new construction and setting their Phase Created as New Construction but am thrown quite a lot of errors and deleted elements.

    Am hoping there is a way that I am unaware of that Revit will just sort of accept all the New Construction work as the now current Existing Conditions and eliminate the elements related to the demo work. Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated! Also any tips on cleaning out a model are welcome too.

    (apologies if this has already been discussed somewhere but every which way I tried to search for the answer just brought me to how to start a new Revit project in general)

    It sounds like what you want is to add another Phase to the project. I would do an eTransmit (or otherwise archive the model), add another Phase, and rename the Phases to align with the project names ("2nd Floor TI", "Building Lobby Reno", etc) for better readability. You have an opportunity (but not requirement) to reuse sheets and views if you wish, but (depending on scope) you may find it easier to recreate sheets and views.
    Chris Ellersick