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How to make this fittings please??

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    How to make this fittings please??

    Hi all,

    please help me to create this duct fitting family.
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    I suggest you make a flat plate, with one connector on one side and 2 on the other.
    Then you can use ordinary bends and transitions to make whatever you need in a project.
    Take one of the example "Rectangular Pants" families and modify it.
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      Thank you josephpeel for replying i'm still trying to do it with no success


        OP, I will give you a response that is commensurate with the level of effort you put into the question: Step 1: Learn how to make families. Step 2: Make the family.


        I never cease to be amused by the procession of new people who come here and ask questions that are so general that they're basically impossible to answer. Before you start posting in forums hoping someone is going to magically upload the knowledge into your head, teach yourself enough to at least know what questions to ask.


          You know, as much as I might get reamed for this, sometimes when there is a fitting that Revit doesn't have a stock Family of, and it's decently complex where it would be a serious pain to develop... I've just made an In-Place Model. Easy peasy for some of those that I'll use once every two or three years, like a specialty pants wye fitting, or a reducing eccentric rectangular to round wye.

          Always an option.

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