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    Hide / Delete Project Parameter


    Long story short: I am testing out Revit with the Autodesk Forge Viewer and I want to (because of the UI) customize the Properties Parameter Data, and create my own Groups (categories) and Instances. This is why I want to delete or hide these parameters..

    Kindly see attached photo for an illustration related to which parameters I want to modify (Constraints, Construction, etc..)

    Is this possible?
    Attached Files

    Im going to say no, because these are parameters coded into the basic family templates. If these had been added parameters you could remove some of them, but in most cases here that you have highlighted the answer is a pretty solid no.

    You can still edit those families to create your new categories you wish to see however. But those Baseline ones will always be there.
    If you want these to go away you could export to IFC and you might lose a bunch of them...but this is a hack, and an ugly one.


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