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Which Revit version for my Macbook pro?

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    Which Revit version for my Macbook pro?

    I have a Macbook Pro mid 2012 (classic one, non-retina), running El Capitan on an ssd, 16 Gb of RAM, 512Mb 650Nvidia. I have installed Windows pro 10 via Bootcamp. Which version of Revit would you recommend I install? I'm not looking to use it extensively like high rendering and so on. I intend to learn the basics for starters. I expect I would use it in an architecture office in the near future.

    Thanks for the tips!

    in general Revit system requirements don't really change much year after year, so your choice of Revit shouldn't really be impacted by your hardware. But newer versions of Revit tend to be faster than older ones, and since there is no Save Down functionality at all, your best bet is to always use the most current version. Then you can open older files without issue, as well as the newest ones. And since there is no legal way to get an older version unless you have been on subscription continuously, you may not have much choice anyway. But again, 2018 is your best bet.
    As for performance that machine is a bit old, but as long as you have enough RAM you should be fine for learning. 16Gb is plenty, and even 8 and a Parallels VM would be fine for learning. I have a 2014 MBP and in Parallels I can work on anything up to a fairly large and detailed single family residence, or moderately sized commercial work. In Bootcamp I can work on very large and detailed commercial projects. Regen times can run to a few seconds, and good memory management with Worksets goes a long way, but that is good practice even when using really powerful new desktop machines.
    One thing you should be aware of is that 512Mb is not much video RAM. A non retina screen helps, but remember that every open window also takes some video RAM, so you will improve performance if you keep other open programs to a minimum.
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