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Electrical Height: Offset v Elevation

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    Electrical Height: Offset v Elevation

    I revisited an old electrical family I produced 7+ years go. It's simple and does the job for setting-out and scheduling.

    I decided to update the family so that we could produce representative elevations as we are starting to do more high-value interiors. I started off by importing a manufacturer's Revit family which has a very adequate 3D model, but no 2D symbology which we need for our electrical plans, so I set about adding this info.

    I've just noticed that my old family has an Elevation constraint, which I could schedule to ensure the fixture was set at the right height. The Level Constraint is greyed out.

    The manufacturer's family I've started working on doesn't have an Elevation Constraint, but Offset, with Level selectable and Host greyed out.

    Which is the best option if I want to schedule the height of the fixtures, Elevation or Offset? (We don't issue the height schedule to other parties, it's only a quick and easy way to check the file that all elec fixtures are at the right level)

    I made a similar thing that I place in plan, which sets the level. I look in elevation/section to see if offset needs adjusting to the difference between level and finished floor. I have a parameter in the family called mounting height, like your elevation, which can be scheduled. Also tick boxes to set mounting height to bottom of the box or to centre, depending on how the architect wants multiple boxes of different sizes to look in a group.

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      In our architects office we use a very generic electrical families.

      When I place a simple one, such as an Elec Distrib Board, it in the project environment the Level is selectable. The Host field is always grayed out and reports whether I placed the item on a Floor object or on nothing (it reports the Level).

      I keep my Offset value at 0 which ensures the item is nominally sitting on the floor/level. I then use a Shared Parameter to report the height off the ground (in my case Height To Underside).

      As we always want to see these items in a plan view irrespective of their height on the wall, i use the Symbolic Line <Invisible Line> technique in my Front elevation. This ensures it shows even if above the cut plane.

      This works for us.


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