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Host Wall Based Object on furred out wall (interior surface)

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    Host Wall Based Object on furred out wall (interior surface)

    I have a wall hosted casework family. We have a furred out wall and I am trying to get it to host to the interior surface of the wall rather than the core structure (see attached image). So, as shown in the image, it's hosted and sitting in the center core of the furred out wall when it needs to be on the interior surface

    What is the best way to go about this? I tried making the wall hosted family a face based family but I am not sure if that is possible without making a new family (if there is an easy way, I would like to know)

    I tried changing the location line of the wall in the wall properties but that didn't work either

    Is there a way to add an offset parameter to the family perhaps?

    Any strategies?
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    Looks like it's not constrained correctly in the family editor if you want it to host to the face of the wall.
    Greg McDowell Jr


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