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check Constraints by Levels, bcf, Model Review

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    check Constraints by Levels, bcf, Model Review

    Hi. I am checking models to improve quality in a BIM process.

    My challenge are multiple levels and vaiours objects placed not just to the finished Floor Level but to all sorts of Levels, some of them are correct other are floating just above where they should be.
    Is there a way to create a multiple categoriy list or even better Model Review bcf file to check for all elements where they are placed? that would help a lot not to have to go through every single category and create a list etc...

    any help i send a free beer for your local pub! :beer:

    thank you, kirstin

    You can pretty easily create a Schedule in revit with these parameters shown.

    You can show top and bottom constraints and filter by level. You could then put a conditional format in the top constraint if its not the next level up level then give me a red color in the column.

    Or if top constraint > 600mm (for example) give me a red color code on the cell.

    Schedule would be the easiest way, then you just need to set up some basic filters, sorting, and conditional formats to give you the results you want.


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