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    Toposurface flat


    I am trying to import a OS Data file which has grid coordinates, contours and DTM at 0.5m. I can get the file linked and create the toposurface, however the toposurface is flat. In the 3d view I see a flat toposurface with a load of small dots in a 3d shape which should be what the toposurface should look like. The toposurface has been created with lots of interior points but none of which have elevation. The OS Data file has text elevation values. Do I have to input an elevation value for every point? I have opened the DWG in autocad and the MM_DTM Z values are all 0. any ideas?

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    Looks like Revit does not acknowledge the elements that have elevation in the file. For example, points don't exist in Revit even though there is such a thing in AutoCAD.

    Is your OS Data file a text file? If yes, you can open that to see what format it is using. Revit can create a toposurface from File, using X/Y/Z data.

    Like this for example:


    If your file has any other information, like a unique ID...strip that out of the file so that only X/Y/Z information is listed, in that order and you can use it to create the surface.

    You can also try to "Explode" the DWG data to see if it can be reduced to elements that have elevation but are not AEC proxy elements that Revit doesn't acknowledge.


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