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Dynamo tools for "everyone else" in the office?

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    Dynamo tools for "everyone else" in the office?

    I'm very new to Dynamo, but am taking it upon myself to try to learn it, to try to improve our models and drawings for office projects.

    As a general question, is it possible to create a Dynamo tool that is available to "run" on a project model by other people in the office who aren't familiar with Dynamo?

    For example I created (copied) a DYN file based on a video I watched, which will renumber room objects based on a spline curve model line running through the rooms. But to make it work I have to open the DYN file, and select the spline object in the model. Without opening Dynamo and selecting the curve, of course the tool doesn't work. Is it possible to create tools that do not require such input within the Dynamo workspace itself?

    Yes. Both Dynamo player and Dyno Browser are made for just that.

    But... I've had great luck teaching staff to be able to open a graph, change the inputs, and click run. Way different learning curve than making graphs.

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      Originally posted by PatrickGSR94 View Post
      As a general question, is it possible to create a Dynamo tool that is available to "run" on a project model by other people in the office who aren't familiar with Dynamo?
      You need to start attending BiLT (formerly RTC)...we've known about the Dynamo player for over a year, before it was actually released.

      You're not far from Ontario...Get registered ASAP and attend in a couple of days.

      I was going to attend....but unfortunately I have to save my money for knee surgery when the weather gets bad/Winter. (I have had the top off the Jeep for over a month now....woo hoo!)
      Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


        huh? I'm almost 1,000 miles from Toronto, and I certainly couldn't drop everything and fly up there for a conference that starts tomorrow. Plus I'm trying to make it to AIA in NYC next year.


          You will need 2018.1 or if you have an older version see second link.

          I would agree with Aaron though that a well defined script should be easy to navigate for others in your office to do these user inputs. I group all user inputs in orange and move them to the start of the graph. this way people don't have to search around for how to use it.



            Awesome! That's EXACTLY the kind of thing I was hoping for! It really hasn't been long since we transitioned into full on 2017 for everything, but this might make it a good excuse for going ahead with the 2018 transition.


              Part of my BILT class was on that topic
              I'm sticking to Dyno because i use Data-Shape for user interactions.


                You could check out my latest blog post on a few Dynamo Player (So Revit 2018.1) scripts that should be user friendly.

                PLAYING WITH DYNAMO PLAYER - Design Tech

                With player hopefully getting fully integrated in future (The ability to have notes, dock it a la the Properties palette etc) it will become more of a 'fire and forget' use tool for people who don't care about learning how to code.

                As described in my blog post above, you can generate ways in which the user can simply click the button to run - cycling through defaults, or have the options desired for a little more control.

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