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    Insert Buttons Grayed Out

    Hi, I'm a fairly new user, and i wanted to import a CAD file to "try it out" and all of the link buttons are grayed out! No matter what view I'm in! anyone have any idea how to work around this? I've tried importing the CAD and it seemed to undo many of the changes I made in the CAD.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Tiny Tim

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    The import cad button is still active in your screenshot. I'm assuming you're talking about the link cad buttons? You cannot link cad into families, only projects.


      Thank you, Chris.

      Yes, I was attempting to link the file, I wonder why they don't allow that option. (as is the case for many of Revit's features).

      Oh well, Thanks for the speedy response!


        I assume the reason you can only Import and not Link DWGs into families is that a family is intended to be used in many, many projects, as well ans many, many families are used in each project.
        You'd soon run into problems tracking down the hundreds of missing Links

        BTW, it's generally accepted that bringing in ANY DWGs is bad practice.
        There are many threads here on RFO explaining why, from inaccuracies to excessive line styles to file bloat.
        Dave Plumb
        BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

        CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.


          I've only seen the link Cad available for projects and it's usually to bring a floor plan of sorts. to create a family I usually use Autodesk Inventor to create a Part/Assembly then use inventors function 'Create a simplified part' (since Revit is not crazy about excessive use of fillets and chamfers for families depending on the specs of your PC) import it in as a Revit family and then use it from there.

          The other thing i tried is to import the auto cad into the project and create it from the project side but that's slightly more technical and a bit of a time waster.

          Hope this helps
          Let me know if you need further detail



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