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Dynamo says "Update Available" but nothing happens + Dynamo versions?

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    Dynamo says "Update Available" but nothing happens + Dynamo versions?

    When I click on Manage > Dynamo, version opens (it says Dynamo Core and Dynamo Revit are Shortly after it opens, the little green "Update" icon appears near the top right. When I click on it to install whatever update is available, it says Dynamo and Revit have to close, which I tell it to do, but then it appears that nothing happens.

    Also how do I open this outside of having Revit open? In my Start menu I have Autodesk > Dynamo > Dynamo 0.9.1. Also in the Start menu there is Dynamo > Dynamo 0.7. I don't see 1.2.1 anywhere. All these different simultaneous versions have me a bit confused. In the list of installed programs it shows Dynamo 0.7.3, Dynamo 0.9.1, Dynamo Core 1.2.1 and Dynamo Revit 1.2.1. What's the point of having all these versions? Do I not actually have the standalone version of 1.2.1?

    I don't know why it doesn't update in-program, Older versions of Revit include older Dynamo installs. Since I am only trying to use in 2017 & newer versions I just uninstalled all of them from the control panel and installed the newest.

    I don't know when it started (version 1?) there is always a pair of programs, core + Revit.
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      Dynamo is pretty bad at managing itself, in terms of updates.

      Revit Point releases (2017.1, 2018.1, etc) have bundled installers for specific versions of Dynamo, which makes managing Dynamo installs a chore, unless you learn about "seperating" your Revit installations or Deployments.

      Gordon Price has a great write up on it (that is more focused on C4R, but the same issues exist for Dynamo) here:

      I would spend some time getting to understand that, as keeping an office full of people on the same version of Dynamo (with the same Packages on all machines) isnt something Autodesk really gives you an efficient way to do. Gordons tools do, but (again) it means sacking the Revit deployments to stop them from trying to install older versions of Dynamo (which they WILL do).

      Short version:

      I would just uninstall anything earlier than 1.2, at this point.

      As for running Dynamo outside of Revit, that is Dynamo STUDIO, which is a different thing than just Dynamo and its Revit addin. I dont THINK the version that installs with Revit automatically includes Studio, but it might. Either way, you can just download it from
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        I've tried deployments in the past, but lately I've just been installing on each machine since we only have 5 seats to deal with.

        Odd that the older versions (which have always been installed with previous Revit versions, I've never installed it separately myself) will open by themselves, Studio version I guess, but this latest version did not have the "Studio" version installed with Revit 2017.1 or .2.


          The installer works the same way, whether its built as a deployment or not. If you are okay always using the version of Dynamo that Autodesk installs, i guess you dont have to worry about it. But if you update to current (like 1.3.1), and then install a Revit patch in the future, it may roll it back to an earlier version. It did this year, and last year.
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