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Construction Documents - Coordination of Finishes

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    Construction Documents - Coordination of Finishes

    Hello all -
    This topic has been on my mind a lot recently and I wanted to see what others are doing for "best practices". I prefer to document something once if at all possible to avoid conflicting information if the user doesn't manually catch everything that needs to be updated. Interior finishes can find their way into being documented on 1. finish plans 2. elevations 3. finish schedules 4. reflected ceiling plans 5. details, etc. If dumb tags are used, then it is up to the user to find and update all of the tags in the different views to have a coordinated set of documents.

    I am looking for advice on how you approach keeping finishes coordinated with the least amount of manual effort?

    Thanks in advance!

    Majority of our projects are decent sized and rooms complex enough we don't bother with traditional room finish schedules.
    We do finish plans, tagging the rooms typical floor, base and wall finishes. If an entire wall or base has a different finish we'll note it on the plan showing the extent (accent walls etc). If it's different and has multiple finishes (like 2 paints on one wall) then it's elevated to show the extents of the finishes. It's mostly a manual effort unfortunately.
    Chris Heinaranta | Architectural Technologist


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