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Inserting 2D views from Revit template file to Revit project file

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    Inserting 2D views from Revit template file to Revit project file

    I have detail views that are located in a template file that our office made. I want to insert some of them into my current project, so I go to the ribbon, and choose Insert tab, from there I go to "insert from file" --> "insert views from file" and when I go to select the template file, it is not listed, so from there I go to the drop down to "show all files regardless of extension, which allows me to choose it, but when I do, nothing happens. I swear I have done this in the past with no problems. Any ides?

    I think it needs to be a project file. I keep a project file right next to my template, that is just a blank file made from the template. Just for stuff like that.

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      And why not?
      I don't understand why .rte files can't be used with "Insert from file". Other than Worksets. AFAIK, they are the same as .rvts

      I could swear I posted a "Revit Idea" about that long ago, but I can't find it.
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