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    REVIT NEWBIE please help

    My office is currently switching to REVIT from AUTOCAD MEP. Could you help me out with the process?
    I currently know how to do about 90 percent of the work that we will be doing in Revit, it being : Creating circuits / panel schedules / Tagging/ labeling everything / fire protection / creating families and editing them. I had been searching all forums but most of the answers for the following questions are from 2007 - 2014 so I don't know if the fixes and the solutions provided there are current to the version that we are using which is 2017.

    Could you help me with the following questions?

    1 . How to do Electrical Riser Diagrams in REVIT. My office just needs a graphical representation of it, NO conduits / Trays modeling. ( the contractor will figure it out how to connect it all , otherwise we would get a ton of RFI's and change of orders. ) DRFTING VIEW? and just draw it out? If so is it possible to lets say draw a Meter and save it for future use? How do I save it to a file?

    2. Are the voltage drops calculated automatically and kept under 3 %? are the numbers accurate, on some forums I have read that they aren't accurate at all, and that its better to use this " Design Master Revit Addon " ? Is the wire size adjusted when it goes over 3 %?
    Is there a " feeder schedule" tab? that shows that a panel PL401 is connected with this particular wire size and quantity? lets say : " 4#3/0, #6 GND "

    3. If I have a hotel with a bunch of typical rooms. Is it possible to copy the whole entire circuit with labels and everything to a different room and connect it to a different panel? Do I have to keep recircuiting the whole apartment all over again? . How do I keep the circuit numbers consistent from room to room ?

    4. After the whole project is done and I have a bunch of edited families already loaded in to the project do I copy over the " template" by just going to Manage> Transfer Project Standards ? Is it a way to save all the settings / families / details / into a file for future use? All my edited element families are on my local computer, should I put it on a company server?

    5. Is there a way to mass add spare on all the free spaces in the panel? instead of doing every panel one by one. ?

    6 . Lighting schedules? Power schedules? ? Like so : "light type" " location" Voltage" quantity"

    Thank you. I hope I hear back from you guys soon. These questions bother me and I don't have anybody to turn to.

    please help. Is there anyone? If you know the answer for any of these questions Please leave a comment.


      hi majtas, Since I don't work with the Electrical flavor of Revit I only know the answer for the 4rth question, If you want to save all the families in your project you can create a folder with those families by doing this: Revit Menu (Big R in the top left) - Save as - Library, once then you just need to choose an emplacement to save the family or families you want, hope this helps, regards
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        thank you . Can someone add on to this? please help.
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          I think I can try to be of service on a few of these.

          1. The only way we've ever done it is to just use a drafting view and draw it out. You can make annotative families that you can use for panels, transfer switches, transformers, etc and draw just like you would in CAD.

          2. I wouldn't use the Revit voltage drops. I've had runs where we had to upsize the wire to 10s or 8s, and Revit was still saying 12s, or vice versa. I used design master for CAD, and I don't know if I would get into that. You can make schedules by right clicking on schedules in the project browser. It takes a bit of trial and error, but you do eventually figure out what type of schedule to make, and what parameters to use.

          3. It has been a while since I've circuited, but I think you can copy a whole circuit/room to another room. You may have to remake the power system, but it should work.

          4. Answered above

          5. I think you can do a shift-click on the range that you want to insert spares, and then just click the spare button.

          6. All the schedules are things you can make by creating a new schedule and editing the parameters. You can make a light fixtures schedule no problem. You just have to first figure out what the schedule is going to be related to (Light fixtures, electrical fixtures, etc) and then narrow it down using parameters and filters.

          Hope that helps. Good luck!


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