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    here's a short video i've made at home in my spare time as a sample for a local architect

    RevitForum YouTube (thanks KM!)

    or my own facebook
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    Modeled and textured with Revit, camera and rendering done with 3dsMax+Mental Ray medium settings. The original of this is 300 rendered frames at 20fps 800x600 (4:3), took about 4 hours to render on a single 3.4g 2600. exporting fbx from revit and importing into a 3dsmax scene worked brilliantly and none of the textures were lost.

    I think it's a pretty bare setting which could use more trees or some outlying buildings but your constructive criticism is welcome too
    Also, there's lots of max forums out there but before i start on the next stage, does anyone here have any tips on animating vehicles, the sun or things like doors (for interior walkthroughs) in 3dsmax?
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    Get a "Video Missing" message from FB - Could you check the privacy settings on the Video?
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      And I'm not on facebook so I can't see this...
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        Interested to see this also - as my experiments with Max have yet to win me over, and I'd like some "encouragement" but alas, I too get the same message as Munkholm.


          sorry guys, i have made the link public now, please also hit the 'HQ' button in the lower right corner of the movie window if it's not already activated (or the quality looks like sh....)
          ... i didnt upload it here because i can't find the original file right now, and it's waaay too big to upload here anyway. if i can find it tonight i'll reduce it and upload it for those that don't fb.

          Now i have recently gained access to max 2012 in the aforementioned architect's office (not at home unfortunately - i may have to download the trial?) so i can pump out the renders a LOT quicker there using max 2012 on an i7 (2600 no K) with 16GB RAM rather than revit 2012 on my core2duo laptop with 4GB...

          here's an interior retail walkthrough i completed for my finals in 2010.
          again it's small, but the original is in full HD...this one has music too.

          the closing door sequence is an exact reverse copy of the opening door sequence and is 30 single revit renders - to do this i threw in a door swing angle parameter and manually adjusted that 3° for each render. Yep, you bet it took ages

          I have been asked a few times now to produce similar videos to those i posted, simply and cheaply and if i can gather enough work doing this then autodesk gets one more licence wealthier....:whiskey:
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          There are no stupid questions, only stupid people


            This thread insired me to post a flythrough I did for a friend of mine a couple of months ago. He was working on a project to renovate the entry promanade, the turn style area, and the ticket office, for a small baseball park. He needed the animation to try and find some investors for the project.

            Everything was done in Revit except for the final editing of the video files. I used an external editor to control the pacing of the animation a little bit.

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