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Good Revit and BIM classes in Marylan, Virginia or DC

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    Good Revit and BIM classes in Marylan, Virginia or DC

    Good morning, I am trying to locate good advanced Revit, Bim and Bim manager classes in DC, Maryland and Virginia.


    There's hardly anyone who really knows this stuff, period. Even the CAD vendors don't really know what they're doing from what I've seen.

    Or you could do what I did: Tell a prospective employer that you're a Revit expert, get hired, then start desperately typing basic Revit questions into Google! When they come over to your desk to see what you're doing, open up a 3D view in the family editor and mumble something about "parameters" until they go away. But for real, starting a firm's "Revit Operation" from zero is a hell of a good way to learn.

    In a year, you'll think you're a Revit expert.

    In two years, you'll realize that you set everything up wrong and start overhauling all of your families, template, etc.

    In three years, you'll think you're an expert again.

    In four years you'll come across someone like Jospehpeel who will make you realize that you still don't know anything!
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