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Detail Component vs Line Based Detail Component

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    Detail Component vs Line Based Detail Component

    I have a bit of a dilemma
    I'm making up some new Detail Component Families & need some advice on which way to go:

    1 - Making up a "Normal" Detail Component Family, or
    2 - Making up a "Line Based" Detail Component Family

    I'm making up some Timber Connection Families - Think Joist Hangers & all sorts of Nail Plate type of things
    I have nested in some families so there are options for showing the Front, Side or Plan for each Type
    I have the 2 Types of Detail Component Families Finished, but are wondering which would be the best to use?
    Normal Detail Component = 2.8mb Size
    Line Based Detail Component = 4.8mb Size
    I like how Line Based allows the User to draw the Direction they want, although they are a bit bigger in File Size.

    Which would you use?

    Link to the Families as they are

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