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Far Clipping a CAD Link, or something?

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    Far Clipping a CAD Link, or something?

    I'm starting to model a new pipe rack concept. I've received the piping from a contributor, in .dwg format. So I linked it into my revit 2018 structural model.

    Now I'm working on preliminary elevation views of the framing and would like to show those pipes in the view.

    However, I only want to show the cross section, not the entire model as far as it goes in both directions. The vertical pieces in the screenshot are "behind" me. this view isn't even facing them.

    I've linked CAD dwgs before where this hasn't happened. Is it because that pipe is all one piece? So since some of it crosses the view it all shows up?

    What's going on here?
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    Yes, this happens when you link in a 3D dwg.
    If memory serves me correct, you have to link in the 3D to a generic family, then place the family in your model.
    Now, when you cut a section through the 3D it should display correctly.


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