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MEP with Uniclass 2015

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    MEP with Uniclass 2015


    Just wondered if any MEP uk people were using Uniclass in Revit and in drawing numbering etc and if yes what table are you taking most from ?

    I am having a look at swapping our old drawing numbering (CI/sfb) to Uniclass codes but using the systems table we are getting a lot of services with the same uniclass code.

    In system table - Gas and Water are both 55 ?

    Ive found uniclass 2015 to have too many gaps and as you say its just feasible to use as a drawing number tool. Following PAS1192 to be BIM Level 2 compliant. I have come up with a drawing numbering system (PDF attached) that still means something to an MEP person if thats any use to you.
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      Hi Chris,


      Is your service codes still the CI/SFB codes - it looks like it ?

      We are pretty much using the same system but we wanted to change our MEP system codes to Uniclass and move away from sfb codes.



        yeah in the 4 digit code I tried to use uniclass but I think its just unusable for drawing numbering


          Although I dont work in the UK, I am also interested in using Uniclass instead of the (NL) sfb codes we now use. For a couple of reasons;

          Uniclass separates types of object/material from systems, which is a huge improvement over sfb which mixes the two. For quantities and costing a steel pipe is a steel pipe, the system code should not affect the component (Assembly) code.

          Also, the Uniclass numbering system is infinitely expandable. You just need to use the main category numbers and then add more. Yes its incomplete, but so is the sfb system. I think its unrealistic to expect that any numbering system will have a number for every possible situation...

          However, I think in the end the question should not be "Can I use system A or B?" but, "Can I make a numbering system that is complete and consistent enough that I can convert it to any other numbering system?". So if you have an (Internal) numbering system that covers everything you wish to number, and a table with Sfb, Masterspec, Uniclass, Omniclass, Dutch Stabu, Belgian Meetstaat, etc, etc, columns for every number, then you can use a program/Dynamo to switch all your assembly codes, system codes and drawing numbers to whatever a client wants.
          From the different systems Ive seen so far I think Uniclass is a good basis for this and it is still actively being developed and supported.

          So for drawing number you could just use a 6 digit number, with your own numbering for the last digits if it doesnt exist yet, and change it later if the Uniclass gets developed further.
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