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Naming Convention of Revit Elements (Doors,Columns..etc)

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    Naming Convention of Revit Elements (Doors,Columns..etc)


    Do you have a specific name convention for the most common elements that you use in revit, in order to name these in the drawings ? I don't mean the name of the family that these belong to.
    For example, for each door to give the name D-1 ,D-2, D-3...

    I am looking for ideas. Thank you in advance!


    Are you referring to the instance mark for the families, like door numbering? Our door numbers always match room numbers the doors lead to, with .1, .2, .3, etc. if a room has multiple doors. Structural columns are automatically assigned names based on grid locations. Windows are typically done by Type Mark (A, B, C, etc). Walls are given interior and exterior type marks like i1, i2, e1, e2, etc.


      Something I cooked up on a previous project, worked out alright. No major hiccups. I don't number columns, I leave that up to structural.

      Door Numbering
      Interior doors
      Follow the room numbering.
      In cases where a room ends with the letter “a” and there are multiple doors, then append “z” to the door number and sequentially increase for each additional door.
      Room Number Door Number
      1001 1001
      1001a 1001az
      1001b 1001bz

      Exterior doors
      Prefixed with “E” then followed by which level they are on.
      E001 - exterior door on Level 0.
      E101 – exterior door on Level 1.

      Stair doors
      Stair shaft number followed by floor number. Multiple doors on the same floor in the same shaft, follow the same naming scheme as multiple doors in one room.
      ST-010 – Stair shaft 01, level 0 door.
      ST-012z, ST-012y – Stair shaft 01, level 2 doors, 2 doors in the shaft.
      Chris Heinaranta | Architectural Technologist


        Thank you very much for your ideas!


          The next project I work on I want to leverage function and uniformat parameters more... so appending E to exterior door marks may not apply anymore (I used to filter for E, to create exterior door schedules).
          Chris Heinaranta | Architectural Technologist


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