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Electrical Panels (Risers), 2D

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    Electrical Panels (Risers), 2D

    I have been working on some service riser families and have come across a stumbling block.

    Maybe best I give the end game first. In a nut shell I want a panel that I take from a family and then be able to modify the text, i/e. panel P-1,P-2, 120/208, 277/480....etc.

    Thus far I have: created a "label" family for my electrical panels, that family is nested within another family "panels", like noted here

    I can't get it to work yet but think I'm on the right trail. My question is am I on the right trail?

    I'm doing my best to follow how to draw details, in this case risers with this method,

    Maybe lines and text would be better!

    EDIT: Think I got it, I was making it to complicated. I just created a label with box around it, seems to work!
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