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    global parameters


    I am trying to create a minimum room length where you can stretch the wall to minimum and there is no maximum. I try to create global parameter. When I check mark reporting parameter, I able to stretch but I can not fill in formula field. When I uncheck, look like both walls are lock. see attached. Please help. Thanks
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    Reporting Parameters merely report what's in the model. They don't control anything. A regular Global Parameter will control whatever dimension you have set to that label. However I don't see how to make a global parameter set a minimum dimension size and still have it dynamically editable in the model. Maybe someone else knows?


      2 parameters
      Length_calc: IF (length < 1200; 1200; Length)

      Assuming you min. Length is 1200 mm

      Use the last one as your constraint.
      Use the first one to fill in the value

      Problem is you will always have to edit the dimensions in the global parameters. You can not move the wall in the project as that will break the constraint.

      Other then this I can not think of something right now
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      Revit Ideas: Is this family Mirrored? | Approve warnings | Family Type parameter just those in the family


        I have another Global Parameter question. In my title block family I have yes/no parameters to control the visibility of several objects such as layout lines, professional seal, not for construction stamp, etc.. I have set up yes/no global parameters to match these and have linked them together. This allows me change one global parameter and prepare my sheets for printing. When I change the global parameter the local parameter changes IF they are directly linked one to one. However, if there is a formula between them such as "=and(global_parameter, instance_parameter)" the local instance parameter with the formula does not automatically change. If you manually go in and change the instantiate parameter in the formula off and back on the formula works. Any ideas as to why changing the global parameter dose not trigger the formulas?


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