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RC Detailing a Concrete Frame Building using Revit, Any Addons or Eperiences?

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    RC Detailing a Concrete Frame Building using Revit, Any Addons or Eperiences?

    We have modelled a 3 Storey Concrete Framed building in revit and have now been tasked with doing the RC detailing including bending schedules for the contractor. Usually we would use AutoCAD with MultiRC add-on to detail the elements but the Contractor has asked us to detail all within Revit. Has anybody experienced RC Detailing within Revit and how has it turned out?

    I am concerned whether the bar shapes have the correct rules for bending and come out at the correct lengths, whether it rounds up to 25mm in the overall length and 5mm for the leg lengths? does the bar mark get automatically generate?
    I have seen an add-on from SofiStik is this worth looking at or are there others that make the job easier.

    Any comments and experiences gratefully received

    Sofistik - reinforcement detailing. - a free plugin

    Also the link between their analytic software and the detailer is pretty fricken fantastic (but will cost you a small fortune) - that said I think in productivity levels it would pay itself off pretty quickly. The analytical software is the not free part, but you do not need it necessarily but check it out none-the-less

    And yes you can set "meta-rules" for your reo placement through their interface (ie bending lengths) they also have a pretty decent standardised Library to most areas (except switzerland, although I believe they are working on that) I have had fairly close contact a few times with them for démos and our major concern was the bending lengths and they showed me how to manage those things so without going into much detail I can simply say that yes it is possible but depending on where you are geographically may require a bit of work on the files but it is a one shot deal so you do it once and that is your source file for all bending radius/lengths etc.

    If you like PM me and I can try and put you in contact with some people from sofistik as I have had good contact with them in the past - also tell me what region you are in.
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