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    Sheet Current Revision


    We have a split revision schedule in one of our standard title blocks. I have managed to get it working to an extent by using a method I found online with two revision tables and calculated fields that filter out revisions that would not fit in the column. This is using the revision sequence field available in the schedule properties.

    This works but only if you are using revision numbering per project instead of per sheet which is what we use as our standard. I'd happily change over if it wasn't for the unwieldy revision schedules it would create.

    If you are using per sheet the revision sequence number for a sheet that was first issued late in the project could be 8 while showing up in the second column and a current revision value of 1.

    Finally my question is if there is any way of accessing the 'Current Revision' value in the sheet properties to use in the calculated field in the title block? Or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?

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    Hello Vanguard. I'm having trouble with this split revision table also, where it splits after only 1 or 2 revisions. I am using this with revision numbering per sheet. It's working other than splitting too soon. Have you managed to solve your issue?


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