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Visibility of Nested Families by Phase

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    Visibility of Nested Families by Phase

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Is it possible for nested families visibility to be controlled by the phase the host family is created on; for example a door family with nested families of symbolic lines for their swing where one would be visible if the host is existing and the other would be visible if the host is new construction? If yes how would this be set up or is there a better way to do this? Thanks.

    No, there isnt a way to do it.

    If you are after 45 degree door swings for existing doors, get used to the fact that its going to be done manually. Or, youre going to spend a ton of time trying to automate it, just to realize that what you will automate is a different kind of manual data entry (types).
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      Phases are very broad strokes. You can set the phase filter so that existing lines are solid and new are dashed (as long as you want all elements to behave that way) but you can't apply filters based on the phase created. You can achieve the effect, by adding a manual phase parameter, then filtering off that (if your nested families are shared). You could also visibility parameters that you use manually to switch which nested family is visible. You can automate it to some degree with Dynamo, but it won't be "smart" the way I think you'd like it to be.
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        I set up a couple parameters in my door families to control to help with this. I could have done it with fewer if people would just remember the existing gets a 45 but, apparently, that's too much to ask. So... I have a check box in the family that overrides the angle parameter to 45 when selected and then a schedule in the project that grabs all the doors in the existing phase and allows all the doors to be changed with a single click. Slightly easier for me, and more flexible overall, would be to skip the checkbox and just schedule the angle parameter. Type 45 once and all done!
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