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Physically separated but in the same system?

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    Physically separated but in the same system?

    Helo guys, I hope you are having a productive week.

    I'm currently struggling with a problem regarding duct systems. Inside the project I need to have multiple systems because of multiple air handling units. However, I have a situation where two physically separated duct branches are inside the same system and if I change the system for one branch it automatically changes the system for the other branch too so there is no way of separating them by system.

    I thought the issue might be because of the air terminals or the equipment connected to the ducts, but when I delete all the equipment and disconnect the ducts they are still connected by the same system.

    I also tried to divide systems and this solved the issue for some branches but for other the problem is still there.

    I apologize for the double thread. Before it is deleted you can find the solution here: