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How to start new project in Revit MEP when architectural revit model has received...

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    How to start new project in Revit MEP when architectural revit model has received...

    Hi friends, W 'd like to start a new MEP project and add HVAC requirements into the architectural Revit 3D model that we have already received from our client , which activities we have to do to start HVAC modeling...? For instance Levels and grid match and etc...Tanx

    Create a new empty project (With an MEP template if you have one, if not use this project to create one. See other posts on making templates..) and then link the architects model into it (Use Origin to Origin setting).

    Make a section view and use Copy Monitor to copy the Architects levels.
    Go to View->Floor Plans and create some views for all your levels.
    In the floor plans use Copy Monitor again to copy the Grid Lines.
    Also good to make a Scope Box that is just a bit bigger than the building to crop your floor plans with.
    Use a view template with your floor plans (Coordination with everything on for working views).

    Also useful to;
    Make a workset for each linked model (So you can close them without unloading)
    Set links to Room Bounding so you can make Spaces.

    That should get you started...
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      Also, once you created the grids, levels and floor plans, make sure you set the coordinates to the internal coordinates of the Architects model, and then pin floor plans, grids and levels in place.


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