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    Sheet Problem

    Hi All,

    Maybe a simple answer to this but can I have 1 Sheet name like A9088-99-01 but then have 3 sheets that are part of that drawing, like I do in Autocad ?


    Hi PaulSims, Do you want to have:

    3 Drawings in s single sheet? - Yes you can, you just need to drag those drawings into a sheet!
    3 Sheets in a drawing? - is not very clear!, since you can have a lot of sheets that can be part of your documentation drawings; your question seems not very clear, please re formulate your question, maybe there is a simple answer as you think!
    and finally if you want to have Multiple sheets with the same name? - no You can not do that!, you need to name each sheet individually as Revit will not allow you to have multiple sheets with the same name which is logic, HTH, regards
    Andres Franco - Architect - BIM Coordinator
    Revit Certified Professional - AutoCAD Certified Professional
    "I became insane, with long intervals of horribly sanity"
    E.A Poe


      Thanks, Andres, You have answered my question I did want 1 sheet but with multiple pages (not lots of views on one page) like A9088-99-01 sheet 1 of 3 and so on, but I will just have to change the way the use drawing number allocation here,

      Thanks again


        For clarification, Sheet numbers are unique identifiers in Revit, but can be whatever you want. In this case, "1 of 3", "2 of 3", & "3 of 3" ... but only once in a Revit model.

        Sheet names can be duplicated, so your "A9088-99-01" can be assigned to multiple sheets.


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