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Detail line - predefined Line Style

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    Detail line - predefined Line Style

    Hello all,

    I create a template in Revit and I have put many other line styles.

    I would like each time that I create a Detail Line to have as a Line Style > Thin Lines (that it was by default) , for some reason now I have a different Line Style, so every time I need to change it because it doesn't display very well

    Hope that make sense.

    Thank you in advance!

    Detail lines will defult to whatever you used last. If it's not want you want when beginning ti dfraw, change the style before drawing.
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      Well, maybe it was a silly question, but really thanks!


        There are a LOT of things in Revit that default to whatever you last used.
        And that includes "last used" in the template. You need to be very careful when setting up or working in the Template to make sure you leave it with the defaults you want.

        I once added a Soffit Wall Type to our template, and until I figured out what I did, every Wall created defaulted to having it's bottom offset at 8'-0" above the floor
        Dave Plumb
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